Corporate Governance

Board Policy on Continuing Education

The Board of MB World Group Berhad (“MBWG”) recognises that it is imperative that directors devote sufficient time to update their knowledge and enhance their skills through appropriate continuing education programmes.
The purpose of this policy is to set forth the elements of continuing education for Board members in addition to the initial induction process to ensure that Board members maintain and update their skills and knowledge necessary to meet their obligations as Directors.



  • All Directors are encouraged to attend appropriate continuing education programmes which they deem appropriate (given their different individual background experience) to stay abreast of developments in corporate governance and areas of relevance to ensure their continued contributions to boardroom dynamism as well as their respective roles and responsibilities on the Board Committees.

  • Each Director is expected to attend at least one full day continuing education programme each year, the extent and subject matter which may vary and is left to each individual director’s discretion.

  • Areas of Director’s education need not be confined to corporate governance topic but may include broader topics such as accounting, finance, banking, general business, environmental, health, safety, human resource management or as each director deems appropriate to enhance his or her skills and effectiveness.

In order to encourage continuing director education, the Company will reimburse directors for all costs of attending two (2) programmes each financial year.

The Directors with the consent of the Chairman of the Nomination & Remuneration Committee (‘NRC’) may at the Company’s expenses attend more than the two (2) programmes each year.
The Chairman of the NRC based on the annual assessment of each director is authorised to make recommendations for each individual director’s continuing education requirements as the NRC may deem necessary or appropriate to meet the intentions and purposes of this policy.
Nothing in this policy shall be construed to require any Director to undertake to gain, possess or exercise any independent knowledge of, or expertise in, any specific law, regulation or professional discipline.
All Directors are entitled to rely on the advice of Management legal counsel, internal and external auditors, independent reporting accountants and other professional advisers engaged on matters relating to the Company’s/Group’s operations, financial performance and regulatory obligations.
This Policy was adopted on 23 February 2017.
This Policy was last reviewed on 26 February 2019.