Property Development

Sierra Heights

(Residensi Siera Perdana)

  • Taman Sierra Perdana, Johor Bahru


Situated on a 6.26-acre freehold land in Sierra Perdana, Johor Bahru, Sierra Heights comprises two blocks of apartments totaling 406 units, a multi-storey car park with facilities.

The development site is easily accessible from Johor Bahru City Centre via Tebrau Highway, Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) Highway and East Coast Highway. Prominent landmarks in the vicinity include Aeon Permas Jaya, Tesco Seri Alam, KIP Mart Masai, Mydin, Permas Jaya Golf Club and Johor Port Pasir Gudang.

Sierra Heights is complemented with facilities such as multifunction hall, children playroom, reading lounge, games area, gymnasium, playground, swimming pool, wading pool, jacuzzi and BBQ pit.

APDL: Project Name: Sierra Heights (Residensi Siera Perdana) • Property Type: Apartment • Developer’s License No.: 13187/02-2028/0216(R) • Validity Period: 06/02/2023 – 05/02/2028 • Advertising & Sale Permit No.: 13187-3/02-2024/0431(R)-(S) • Validity Period: 06/02/2023 – 05/02/2024 • Expected Date Of Completion: December 2023 • Building Plans Approving Authority: Majlis Bandaraya Pasir Gudang • Building Plan Approval No.: MPPG:JBGN/201/2020(PG)(10) • Land Tenure: Freehold • Encumbrances: Bank Kerjasama Rakyat • Total Units: 406 (Block A : Type A – 110, Type B – 28 ; Block B : Type A – 208, Type B – 60) • Selling Price: Block A : RM456,000 (Min.) – RM560,000 (Max.); Block B : RM455,000 (Min.) – RM577,000 (Max.)

Sekatan-sekatan kepentingan: i. Tuan punya tanah tidak dibenarkan menjual unit-unit (parcel) bangunan yang akan dibina di atas tanah ini melainkan bangunan telah mula dibina mengikut pelan yang diluluskan oleh Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan yang berkenaan. ii. Petak-petak bangunan yang didirikan di atas tanah ini apabila sahaja bertukar miliknya kepada seorang Bumiputera/ Syarikat Bumiputera maka tidak boleh terkemudian daripada itu dijual, dipajak atau dipindahmilik daripada apacara sekalipun kepada orang Bukan Bumiputera/ Syarikat Bukan Bumiputera tanpa persetujuan Pihak Berkuasa Negeri. iii. Petak-petak bangunan yang didirikan di atas tanah ini tidak boleh dijual atau dipindahmilik dengan apacara sekalipun kepada Bukan Warganegara/ Syarikat Asing tanpa persetujuan Pihak Berkuasa Negeri.

Disclaimer: All renderings, illustrations, photographs, furniture, displayed units, landscape amenities or accessories are shown for illustrative purposes only and do not represent the actual design, physical or structural details of the building and/or denote any legal representations. Plans, specifications, materials, unit numbers, address, name of project and other information contained herein are intended to give a general indication of the proposed design only and are subject to change and/or amendments as may be required by the Developer or as directed by the relevant authorities/ architect. All areas and other measurements are approximate only and subject to final survey. All statements are believed to be correct but are not to be regarded as representation of facts. Minimum charges for facilities, personnel, and equipment may apply. Any models of furniture/ electrical appliances provided are up to the vendor’s discretion and do not form part of any contract or warranty. Their dimension/ capacity are based on the basic requirement of the individual units. While every reasonable care has been taken in preparing this website/ publication/ banner/ poster and in constructing the scale models and sales gallery/ show unit, the Developer and its related companies, representatives, consultants and agents accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions. The Sale and Purchase Agreement embodies all the terms and conditions between the Developer and the purchasers, and supersedes and cancels all previous representations, warranties, promises, inducements or statements of intention, whether in written, oral or visual made by the Developer and/ or its agents which are not embodied in the Sale and Purchase Agreement. Interested persons should rely on their own inquiries.

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